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Hi, I'm Madison.
My pronouns are she / her.

I’m a queer therapist who works with folx who've been marginalized because of their sexuality and gender identity.

Our work together  will give you the space to process, to heal, and to set new goals.

meet madison

As a queer person who has sought out my own therapy, I know how difficult it can be to find an affirming therapist. Even if your identity isn’t central to your therapeutic goals, know that every part of you will be welcome in our work. My therapeutic style is collaborative and anti-oppressive. My approach is integrative, using tools from a variety of therapeutic modalities (e.g., psychodynamic, relational, CBT, DBT) that are best suited to each unique client.


areas of expertise

areas of expertise

I have received advanced training and certification in supporting clients with the following


gay lesbian bisexual queer intersex asexual pansexual trans* nonbinary 

genderqueer agender kinky polyamorous 

consensually non-monogamous

everything nothing something else



anxiety classism depression family and relationship conflict

grief homophobia life transitions

obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) oppression

post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) racism self-esteem issues

sexism stress transphobia trauma

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Individual therapy (45 minutes)​

Relationship therapy (60 minutes)

Clinical supervision for LMSWs & LCSWs

Case consultation


frequently asked questions


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How LGBTQ+ journalists can survive

this moment in American politics

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Since the start of Covid-19, I've been meeting with clients via telehealth exclusively. While this--along with so many other things--has been an adjustment, research suggests that teletherapy is a highly effective alternative to in-person therapy. Some of the benefits my clients have highlighted include the convenience of scheduling flexibility, eliminating stressful commutes, and having therapy in an environment that's comfortable to them. A major benefit for me is getting to meet my clients' pets! I am fully licensed to provide teletherapy to folx residing anywhere in New York, Colorado, and New Jersey.



Madison McCullough, LCSW
(929) 224-4737


Our work together will give you the space to process, heal, and grow. All aspects of your identity will be validated and nurtured in our sessions so that you can access the most authentic version of yourself. Please reach out if you have any questions about my work or therapy more broadly. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

I am currently accepting new clients via video

in New York, New Jersey, & Colorado.

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